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Looking for some help with your floorplans, either for your personal residence or your multifamily development? Even if you have an Architect, sometimes you just need a second opinion. Marilyn has been drawing floorplans since she was about seven years old, when she'd get one of those floorplan magazines from the grocery store, white out all the walls, and redraw them where she thought they should be. Now 18 years later, with experience as a contractor and architect on a wide variety of projects, she can spot the issues in a floorplan in no time, and come up with creative and practical ideas to make them better, often right there on the spot.

Imagine if you could make half of your 1 bedroom apartments into 1 beds + den? Or if you could find space for a half bath in your 2 bed/2bath units? And what if it could be done with no additional square footage added, with clever, practical, and actionable moves that consider structure, MEP, existing layout, and code? We can help you unlock potential in your square footage and your units, especially those awkward units that don't quite work yet...

We don't have a lot to show here, because our work is mostly confidential with our clients, but check out Marilyn's Twitter feed to see some public examples of the kind of thinking we employ, and check out our Floorplan Consulting Services page to learn more about this service.

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