Runcible Studios’ mission is to bring rigor, delight, and ingenuity to every design project.

We pride ourselves on balancing the vision of the client with the nuts-and-bolts reality of construction, and seek leverage points in things like zoning, codes, structure, and construction methodology. We believe great projects require great teams, and great teams are about dedication, creativity, vision, detail, and drive…and of course, collaboration, great communication, and a sense of fun.

We see ourselves as stewards: of our clients’ goals, of our communities, of our climate, and of a tradition of collaboration between designers and builders.

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We’re at home wherever the power of design thinking can effect positive change, and we love nothing better than helping to solve clients’ thorniest design challenges.

Since opening its doors in 2014, Runcible has executed projects ranging from ground-up residential to extensive renovations of residences to commercial and industrial spaces, from high-concept feasibility studies for developers to graphics and social media management and everything in between. We believe that our wide range of work allows us to bring deep and varied experience to our clients’ projects, and we welcome design challenges at any scale.

Additionally, our active research practice allows us to test ideas, methods, and concepts, challenge our thinking, and partner with other firms and academic institutions. Our current research focus is climate mediation in vernacular architecture; recent outlets for our work have included ICOMOS, Vernacular Architecture Forum, and lectures at the Boston Architectural College, Northeastern University, and Harvard GSD.

We’re nimble, strategic, and small but expansive.

First of all, it’s all in our name: Runcible Studios. Some say that the word “runcible” refers to an object of both utility and beauty, which is a logical and poetic place for architecture to exist. And we are a “studios”, not just a “studio”, meaning that Runcible is built with collaboration and cross-disciplinary learning in mind. We are great at partnerships, allowing us to deliver projects of all sizes and bring on specific expertise as different projects require.

Secondly, we’re full service. We don’t “draw up plans” and leave you to figure out the rest. We’re there from the earliest stages of the project, helping you figure out what’s possible from the perspectives of design, cost, construction, and logistics. We’re there through the ups and downs of the project, til the moment you’re moving in…and beyond. We build client relationships that last, thriving on repeat and referral business.

We love working collaboratively with contractors, artisans, and the trades. Our background is in contracting, and we have deep respect for the people who build our projects. We love nothing more than learning on each and every project how to facilitate their work more effectively. We design with the trades in mind because we know that means a better project-—and a better process—for everyone.

Our “studios” concept also means we are committed to supporting the local creative community. We collaborate with local artists and makers on projects and events, and we’ve shared our workspace with folks as diverse as an art collaborative, a nutrition consultant, community focused developers, strategy consultants, and a powerlifting gym.

We are committed to doing our part to build better communities for creativity and craft to thrive.

This means we are committed to sustainability, inclusion, and access in our work. We want to build a more beautiful, functional, and ethical world, and we want to work with you to make it happen. We believe in supporting trades and trade education, in the long tradition of Architecture as deeply tied to the physical act of building.

It also means we’re committed to paying our staff and our collaborators fair wages, offering good benefits, and working to create a more fun, less frenzied, and equitable professional environment. We work very, very hard, and we draw clear, sustainable boundaries for our staff and clients to allow everyone to thrive.

We’re curious about you, and ready to dive in.

Maybe you just bought your home, but it needs a lot of work. Maybe your business has specific logistical requirements, or you’re going to need to navigate a tricky approvals process. Maybe you have no idea what you need to do or where to start. Maybe you’ve got a historic building full of charm and leaks, or a housing parcel that needs a zoning change, or an idea for a new building type [drone package delivery facility? Yep, we’ve worked on one!]

We’re here for all of the above, and ready to help you figure out the next steps.

Our bottom line: we really love buildings, and we love making them work well for the people in their lives.

We’d love to help you. Are you a…?

Multifamily developer

We work with developers on all aspects of projects, including feasibility studies, project definition, and test fits; schematic design, permitting, zoning, and other regulatory processes; and full architectural/interior design services through construction documents and construction administration.

Much of our work with developers doesn’t appear on our website, as it may be in early stages, or in various stages of approval. We’re happy to discuss the depth/breadth of our experience beyond what’s showing on our website.


We love working with homeowners on bringing their projects to life, and helping them understand their options, the process, and what’s possible for them. We’ve got a passion for helping homeowners, and especially folks who are doing a project for the first time, with navigating a sometimes overwhelming process. Even if we don’t end up working together, our top priority is helping you find the best way to get your project done!

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Business Owner

Working with small business owners is a passion of ours – we understand that your business is your ongoing work in progress, your baby, your dreams, your hard work. We are here to help you figure out your renovation, new space, or just how to use your current space more effectively. As fellow small business owners, we get it – and we’re proud to help our small business clients thrive and grow.

We specialize in industrial and commercial/retail spaces, for clients who are looking to maximize functionality, build their brands, and do something a bit different.

Our Team


We’ve been honored to work with the following creative and talented professionals on a variety of projects – it’s part of our nimbleness strategy – we expand and contract our team based on each project, with our deep bench of friends and partners.

And of course, we’re delighted to have some fantastic alumni: Patrick Christen, Christian Borger, Nicole Fichera, James Heard.