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Lancaster, PA

An ongoing renovation and research project, this 1730’s limestone house is an important example of early Pennsylvania Germanic vernacular building. The house, a nearly perfect cube, has had no major renovations since the early/mid 20th century, and has most of its early building fabric still intact.

The project involves a gut renovation to incorporate new MEP systems into the house while developing a rich dialogue between preservation and modernization, and between historic/modern aesthetic and functionality.

This project, like its sister project Weberhof, involves energy modeling in Diva, energy monitoring using HOBO loggers, blower door testing and thermal imaging, material geography mapping, and dendrochronology studies to allow the formation of a comprehensive understanding of the climatic functioning of the house, as well as the culture it emerged from.

Energy modeling for this project represents a collaboration between Runcible Studios, Studio Weissman, and Urbain DRC.

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