Garden Remedies




Cannabis Dispensary




Marlborough, MA

Designing around shifting requirements in an emerging industry

When Garden Remedies approached StudioDRAW and us to build out their new medical marijuana dispensary in Marlborough, we jumped at the chance – we love new challenges, and a brand-new, high-profile project type, done on a tight schedule and budget, with a great project team, was right up our alley.

This project had to navigate many constantly changing regulations, as well as a sensitive community process, and a variety of unique security challenges – we dove in, and with our co-designers StudioDRAW, quickly became experts on the many competing priorities and concerns surrounding this project. Every process and convention in traditional retail had to be rethought - from flow of product and cash to making a highly secure space that still felt warm and inviting - given the complicated regulations around cannabis.

We were able to draw on our extensive experience in a retail environment, and provide a practical, bright, modern space that helps Garden Remedies serve their patients in a friendly and professional manner.

Collaboration: StudioDRAW

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