Private client




2-family renovaion




Somerville, MA

A full interior and exterior gut of a classic Somerville 2-family

The first time we walked into this house, we could see its potential - hidden under layers of unfortunate DIY renovations over the years was a beautiful, solid house with great bones. With clever design strategies, and a client willing to do things the right way, we’ve ended up with a stellar project we’re all in love with!

The clients’ charge to us was to maintain the first floor unit as a rental, and convert the upper two floors to a home for them. We quickly identified bearing walls and various crucial roof geometries so that we could open things up intelligently - on the second floor, for example, the whole house is open front to back, with 360 views from the main living spaces. On the third floor, careful analysis of the roof framing allowed us to open up all the ceilings, while sensitive and practical management of ductwork and other utilities enabled spaces to remain clean and clear.

Storage abounds - tucked into eaves and under stairs, near the front entry, collected at utility areas, hidden in plain sight, and cleverly integrated into built-ins and kitchen cabinetry. We designed this fully custom kitchen to account for specific client needs - like a stepstool to reach upper cabinets - and specific client preferences - like built-in drawer dishwashers, a hidden microwave, and a designated bar/drinks cabinet.

With an eye toward the prevailing vernacular traditions, we reinterpreted traditional details with a modern eye, both inside and outside. Our trademark thoughtfulness in the small things runs through this project, ensuring it’ll be a beloved, practical, and beautiful home for our clients for years to come.

Interior photos: Yorgos Efthymiadis
Updated photos coming soon!

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