Private Client




Single family renovation and addition


Under Construction


Boston, MA


Vintage Builders

Having lived here for 12 years, these clients were READY to make some changes - from the dated kitchen to the impractical bathrooms to the bursting-at-the-seams storage areas, there was a lot to do. Once again, we employed our "tiny addition" strategy - this time, our smallest one yet, a 3'x11' "bay window" that follows strict zoning rules but still allows for a major kitchen upgrade. Our goals were to preserve much of the interior elements, from 8' tall double doors to the fabulous curving staircase, while also editing away all of the DIY projects of the past 50 years. We're left with a bold, practical family house with room for everyone, beautiful built-in storage, and fun finishes -stay tuned!

This project is currently under construction.

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