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Creating storage in unexpected places for a colorful home in Jamaica Plain

What if we could breathe new life into a kitchen-less house with fun, bright colors and high quality finishes on a tight timeline and budget?

It's everyone's get more for less. On this project, we did it - and that's in no small part because of the complete dedication of the project team - us, the contractor, and the owners - to get there. This house had no real kitchen when the owners purchased it, so that was top of mind when the owners drew up their wishlist. With a beautiful backyard in JP, two dogs, a bike commuting lifestyle, and a love of cooking and entertaining, this couple needed a house that supported their life, so the kitchen became the heart of the project. With rich green cabinets, brass hardware, and fabulous white soapstone counters, the materials reflect the owners' sense of fun and dedication to quality.

But...quality on a budget. That meant that we had to make some tough choices, ultimately eliminating some project scope [redoing a bathroom, fully refinishing the floors, and removing the popcorn ceiling were all things we had to forgo] so that the owners could maintain the level of quality they sought.

We worked surgically through the rest of the house, making subtle changes that had big impact - perhaps nowhere more so than the second floor library. By reworking the master bedroom closet, we were able to eliminate a wonky hall closet, which opened up a nook at the top of the stairs where we could install a series of bookshelves and a bench [that conceals an HVAC duct]. Little moments throughout the house - like exposing the brick in a dog leash and coat nook by the back door - reflect this owners' lifestyle and dedication to making every moment special.

Photos: Yorgos Efthymiadis

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