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Everett, MA

What if we could increase production at a beloved local brewery by 50% without missing a day of production? We love a logistical challenge, and working with a top-notch team to get this brewery expansion up and running certainly presented one! The project involved installing a new 60bbl brewhouse from Braukon, as well as fermenter and packaging tanks, a new boiler, grain handling, and various utility upgrades.

While Night Shift had a space earmarked for the expansion - a former storage room - our challenge came in fitting as many tanks as we could into the space, planning for phasing and expansion, and ensuring we factored in space for operating and installing the various systems and components. It's one thing to place a bunch of equipment in a room - it's another to understand what's needed to operate that equipment on a daily basis. With the brewhouse coming all the way from Germany, there was very little room for error - our tolerances were near 1/2" along some of the rows of tanks. Without good contractors and riggers, such tight tolerance would not have been possible.

In addition to making the system work, Night Shift tasked us with creating a phased plan for expansion within the space, including more tanks and an improved packaging line. We landed on a 7-stage process that maps out each future step, which allowed us to work with the engineering team to implement various drops, connections, and utilities in this first phase that will support the remaining six phases.

We're proud of our work on this complex project, and were excited to use our skills to help bring the Boston area more tasty beer!

Photos: Randall Garnick

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