An Extra Handwashing Sink?

How about an extra hand washing sink in the kitchen?

These days, we’re helping clients imagine changes to their spaces that reflect our changing world, and many of those changes can do double duty! Take this prep sink – it can be used for food prep, as a bar sink, for kids or guests to get a drink of water without entering all the way into the kitchen, and, of course, for hand washing. We like that it’s separate from the main sink, both for logistical and sanitary reasons. Plus, it looks cool too…

Sinks like this don’t need to be very big, just enough to fit hands, or a glass, or a veggie, underneath the faucet. In some situations, we’ve added hot water dispensers, seltzer dispensers, and pull down sprayers into set-ups like this – great for prepping or for the bar area. One key consideration is how far apart the small sink is from the large sink – if they’re right next to each other, it may defeat the purpose – but if it’s in the end of a long island, or integrated into a living/dining area bar, it makes a whole lot of sense.

This is an Elkay sink, California Faucets faucet, Caesarstone counters, Ann Sacks tile, and custom cabinets. Any or all of these elements can be swapped out to suit your lifestyle or budget – an extra small sink does not have to be a large expense, but is certainly luxurious to have!

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